So, it happened.
I got the job I wanted, I finally get to be a “Gladiator in a suit” and work for an actual firm.
And funny enough, it’s a bittersweet moment.
I already miss the struggle
Because all I’ve ever known is war.


Movies are never the same as the book because your imagination was always supposed to be more powerful than what you can see
People will call you “obsessed” up until you achieve what you set out to do. After that they’ll call you an inspiration.


A good friend gave me a piece of advice once.
He told me that it’s more cost effective to do a low paid job you care about, than a high paying job you hate.
Because you end up blowing all your money on weekends trying to get your life back….and you never do.



So, she pretty much said no.
Not like in a rude way…
But she knew I was smart enough to read between the lines.
Plus, in a world where men complain that women talk too much…one word answers generally mean she’s not interested.
My boy told me that I’m going places and that it’s her lose. I suppose that’s something all good friends say tbh.

but time will tell.



A woman will take your vision and run with it, so don’t be slack concerning your promises.


When you find the helper, the curse has been lifted