I write because I was once nothing.
Confidence was something you paid for in foreign currency
And all I could buy with the change in my pocket was pity.
But I took that pity to God and received mercy, and from mercy I received wisdom.
And now I write because I’m rich.
I have the privilege of displaying my wealth on stage
And now I write because the only way to keep wisdom is to give it away.

Open Mike


For 5 years I fought an enemy
For 5 years I struggled in the darkness of a cell
With an anonymous adversary I couldn’t identify, my only light being that which made it through the cracks of a small window about ten feet high.
For 5 years I fought, applied, laughed and cried and it was only the grace of God that allowed me to sustain each attack as I learned to fight for life, when really it would have been better to die.
Then the day came where my strength was gone and it seemed your grace had left me too.
Then the lights come on, they free me from my cell and I look back see that my afflicter was you.
The hands that held me up, were the same hands that struck me down, and it’s those same hands that have handed me my crown.
And I’m just a bit shell shocked tbh.


Know your purpose, busyness and business are two different things…and the scary thing is they look almost identical.
Open Mike


When they say lunch will be provided in meetings etc, always sneak a couple of slices of bread in your pocket or something.
Mainly because you can’t eat as much as you’d like…you don’t wanna be seen as that guy.
I was almost seen as that guy, but just caught a glance out of the corner of my eye as I was about to reach for more.

Open Mike


So, I’m finally here.
I finally get to live out the things I’ve been praying for…and you know what?
I get here and realise I’m a small fish in a big pond…a very big pond.
And I’ve got to fight to maintain the air of calm I’ve always had and not be overcome with cynicism.
Because what I thought was a test, was actually only preparation.
The real test starts now…
But God brought me through before so I trust that he will again.
It’s just a bit difficult to read people…and I’m usually good at reading people.



Ok so,
First day at the new job and I find out that the new accounting system we’ll be using is called “Yardi”.
…I kid you not.
So I literally sit in the office trying not to laugh out loud as members of staff shout things like….
“I hate this yardi”
“Why is this yardi so damn slow”
and my favourite one
“Who’s idea was it to bring this yardi in anyway?”
I’m serious, that was my first day…you can’t write this stuff.

Open Mike

Anonymous said: Mike, you have gone from being to an amazing poet to a bass player with amazing potential for greatness. But it's not an either or. It's an 'and'. How do you keep yourself inspired???

Hey, thanks so much for your encouraging words.
I don’t think there are any limits to life, like, none at all and that’s what keeps me inspired. Knowing that I’m not doing something to reach a certain target, I’m doing it because it’s who I am.
Also, I’m not afraid to fail. I sometimes even welcome failure because it gives me the opportunity to learn something new.