When you work, like…as in that’s all you do. You realise you need love.
Not Hollywood love, but a reason for doing what you’re doing.
Otherwise the funds in your account become meaningless numbers…irrelevant, like the metro you pick up and put down daily.
And maybe, I should take a lunch break now and again, to ponder on what’s relevant
Cos I seem to give my superiors more reverence than I ever gave my parents.
Now that getting sent to bed early is a bonus.
And bonuses are what you’re in it for.

Open Mike
Make sure your cupboard is full of cinnamon, before you go looking for apples.
Open Mike


So I’m there, a graduate in his late 20’s working part time for a small charity who are secretly about to get rid of me (I found out after secretly reviewing the coming year’s budget figures). They can’t afford to keep me…and the reason they realise they can’t afford to keep me is because of the new finance report I created for them…ironic. So I’m staring down the barrel of this gun feeling like a failure. And to top it off, the girl I’m interested in…isn’t interested.

But on the flip side it’s like, I’m this poet and self taught bass player getting ready for a gig where I’ll be playing in the house band and performing poetry in front of nearly 300 people.

And it’s like, the disparity between my two worlds is both beautiful and terrifying.
I never lost belief though, not once. My confidence was shattered, but I never lost belief. Otherwise I would’ve gone into hiding. But I stayed in plain sight because I wanted to share my story. I always believed it would get better, even though I was scared pretty much every day. I learned to believe through the fear.

Open Mike


Life is to be shared
Love is the most powerful thing in the world.
Not emotional love, but the willingness to act even when nobody is watching, the passion that drives you when you’re all alone.
That’s the love I live for, and ironically that’s the love I wanna share.



I write because I was once nothing.
Confidence was something you paid for in foreign currency
And all I could buy with the change in my pocket was pity.
But I took that pity to God and received mercy, and from mercy I received wisdom.
And now I write because I’m rich.
I have the privilege of displaying my wealth on stage
And now I write because the only way to keep wisdom is to give it away.

Open Mike


For 5 years I fought an enemy
For 5 years I struggled in the darkness of a cell
With an anonymous adversary I couldn’t identify, my only light being that which made it through the cracks of a small window about ten feet high.
For 5 years I fought, applied, laughed and cried and it was only the grace of God that allowed me to sustain each attack as I learned to fight for life, when really it would have been better to die.
Then the day came where my strength was gone and it seemed your grace had left me too.
Then the lights come on, they free me from my cell and I look back see that my afflicter was you.
The hands that held me up, were the same hands that struck me down, and it’s those same hands that have handed me my crown.
And I’m just a bit shell shocked tbh.


Know your purpose, busyness and business are two different things…and the scary thing is they look almost identical.
Open Mike